DLP/LCD High Wax Castable Resin

jewellery high wax castable resin which is easy casting for beginner or thick solid part


In order to help who has not much jewelry casting experiences or thick solid part, Jamghe develop high wax resin which contains 60% wax, this is something similar to model WIC100a  from Envisiontec.

cwic-1000a is designed for LCD with RGB or monochrome screen like Elegoo, phrozen, anycubic etc.

Ewic-1000a is designed for DLP & LCD monochrome screen like Envisiontec, B9, Hunter, Miicraft, Makex, 3dplus etc.

3d casting resin high wax discription:

  • Finest detail with low shrinkage

  • Excenllent casting for thick man ring

  • High-end castable resin similar to wic100a

  • High performance printing

Jewelry high wax casting resin parameter

3D PrinterDLP PrinterLCD with monochrome
LCD with colorized 
EWIC-1000A base 25s, 3-6s/layerbase 50s, 6-10s/layerno
CWIC-1000Abase 25s, 3-5s/layerbase 50s, 5-8s/layerbase 70s, 10-16s/layer

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