Jewelry Grade DLP LCD 3D Printer

Jewelry Grade DLP LCD 3D Printer

This LCD printer is with 6 inches, jewelry grade 3D printer, highly stable and affordable for beginner

Product Details

Off-line printing, 

operation by touch screen.

 6.0 inch big size printing area.

 2k high resolution, high precision. 

LED UV array, light uniformity >90%

Module design, easy to change LCD panel

Affordable for dental, jewelry, education etc.

jh130 light panel



Printer size: D295*H402mm

Printer weight:12KG

Printable area: 130*72*H180mm(6 inches 2K Screen)

Printing speed: 15-30mm/H

XY resolution: 50micron

Wavelength: 402.5-405nm

Transmission Method: USB, Transmit by Internet

Operation screen: 3.5 inches Touch Screen

Data Format: STL, DJS, CWS, SLC

Working material: Photo polymer resin

Layer thickness: 0.025、0.05、0.1、0.15mm

Power supply: 110-220V

Working power: 120w

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