Dental 3D Casting Resin

Dental 3D Casting Resin

low shrinkage with high precision 3D Resin for dental casting

Product Details

Dental 3D Casting Resin 

Special recipe 3d castable resin for dental crown

Low shrinkage and low odor

High precision with very smooth surface

Compatable for most DLP 3d printers

Customize color  according your printer

Dental casted crown

3D liquid polymer resin for dental casting has several sereis

ME-2000 is for DLP Printer with LED UV, 

MS-2000 is for SLA printer Form 2, 

MC-2000 is for LCD printer such as wanhao, anycubic etc.

         Resin modelME-2000   Thermal expansion95*E-6
      ColorGreen      Volume shrinkage1.88%-2.45%
         Odor  Low resin odor     Linear shrinkage0.80%-1.00%
      Appearance status Liquid at room temperature       Tensile strength42-62Mpa
        Alcohol solublility           Soluble in alcohol      Tensile modulus1.86-2.645Mpa
                                    Water solubility     Slightly soluble in water    Elongation at break11%-20%
Viscosity100-150(25℃,   Hardness(Shore D)81D
Flexural modulus1.192-2.525MpaGlass transition temp.110℃
 Flexural strength 49-58MpaDensity 1.05-1.13g/cm³
Hot deformation temp.75℃ Notched impact 

dental show.png

For customize epoxy resin for 3D printer, be free to reach us:

Contact:Yvonne Yang


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