Dental Casting Resin

Ultra low shrinkage with high precision 3D dental casting resin for crown and frame


                                                    3D Printer Dental Casting Resin

Jamghe dental castable resin has a few options, it specially design for dental crown and frame casting, suitable for all type dental metal such as nichrome, titanium etc. 


  • Ultra low shrinkage and low odor

  • Easy casting with zero ash

  • Special formula for dental crown and frame casting

  • High precision with very smooth surface

  • Options for most DLP LCD SLA 3d printers

3D liquid polymer resin for dental casting has several series

  1. ME-2000 is for DLP Printer with LED UV, suitable for hunter, makex etc.

  2. MS-2000 is for SLA printer with laser 405nm, suitable for Formlabs Form 2.

  3. MC-2000 is for LCD pnterir both RGB or monchrome screen, suitable for anycubic Epax, Elegoo etc.

3D Printer Dental Castable Resin Specification:

Flexural strength :39.816 Mpa ±10%

Flexural modulus:811.088 Mpa ±10%

Tensile modulus:433.669 Mpa ±10%

Tensile strength:30.599Mpa ±10%

Maximum pulling strength: 1272N ±10%

Elongation at break:8.853% ±10%

Hardness(Shore D):85-88D ±10

Density:1.05—1.25 g/cm3

Notched impact strength: 133.97 J/m ±10%

Viscosity:50-170 MPa·s

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