2016 Shenzhen international jewellery Fair

- Oct 12, 2016-

On September 14 to September 18, we took part in the Shenzhen  jewellery  exhibition.

We displayed DLP 3d printers and photosensitive resins, and we are the only one displayed the new technology DLP printer with led UV lamp, the fashion design attract a lots of enthusiasm and exhibition viewers, specially our casting resin models with very smooth surface and finest details under magnifying glass.

shenzhen jewelry show at sep.jpg

  And we even had a honner to interviewed by TV to share the new technology of DLP 3d printer  for jewelry...


shenzhen jewelry show in 2016.jpg

The latest DLP 3d printer with led lamp takes one year on research and development, with updated resin the prints is less voxels, very smooth surface, and easier for casting with ash free.

JH 131 JH66.jpg

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