3D Printing Market Increased To 35.4 Billion Dollars IDC:2020 Year

- Aug 23, 2016-

Market research firm IDC predicted in a research report released by the new 2020 3D printing in the world market will be more than 1 time-fold increase from the current $ 15.9 billion to $ 35.4 billion – average annual compound growth rates of 24.1%, printers and supplies accounted for about half of them, and the rest is software and services.

IDC analyst kelisituofu·qiute said, as printers, supplies, and services mature, IDC expects new 3D printing technology to promote discrete manufacturing, product design, and a new round of innovation in the life sciences.

Report, IDC expects this year's sales of 3D printing with the highest usage scenarios including prototype print ($ 4 billion), aerospace and military parts and printing (about 2.4 billion US dollars).

Medical and professional services will remain a 3D printing technology to customers. Report says, although the highest retail user revenue growth by 2020 will become the fourth largest user base of 3D printing technologies, as the market matures, consumer 3D market revenues will be only moderate growth. Top 3D printer prices as high as $ 5 million for industrial use, consumer-oriented models prices as low as $ 499.

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