3D Printing Restaurant Food Can You Eat It?

- Aug 23, 2016-

Food-d printed to provide food for Ink, at this restaurant, from lamps to chairs, and dishes are produced by 3D printing. In order to cope with high-tech feel, restaurant design with futuristic style.

"Food Ink with the world language--food-d and the presence of other new technologies, so that human beings experience the fun of them, understand how these new technologies are rapidly changing people's eating, creating, sharing and living. "Food Ink's official website explains the founding purpose of the project.

The so-called "3D print food" is dominated by Pasty ingredients, including hummus, chocolate mousse, pea mash, goat cheese and pizza dough, to put the raw materials could according to the procedures set by the 3D printer, machines on the plate "spit" out different food shapes and patterns.

If you go to the reservation, you will be asked some interesting questions: "now you know, 3D printing, but you know that soon you'll be able to download delicious desserts, by mail can do you eat pizza? ”

If consumption Food Ink. 9 courses will be provided, the same menu is also 3D printing. If you can't find a Chair to sit down, you can print out on the spot. These chairs designed by Visual artist Arthur Mamou-Mani, FabPub company cut and assembled in London.

For the restaurant, Food Ink to form an international team, including architects, artists, chefs, designers, engineers, futurists, and so on. "All for the creative ideas can become reality. "Food Ink official website wrote.

However, Food Ink is a Flash shop, London shop was the Netherlands stood on the second leg, on July 25-27th excitement over three days. Next, the Food Ink will also go to New York and Dubai, Rome, Seoul, Paris, Singapore, Las Vegas, Toronto and other places, but not to China.

The only problem is, as the concept store, Food consumption of Ink isn't cheap, paid £ 250 per person. So was questioned "why spend ' huge ' to a restaurant that even the utensils are plastic"?

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