3D Printing Technology Of The Future Market Prospects

- Aug 23, 2016-

3D printing is known as if time is not very long, forget the signature moves due to the popular promotion of consumer-level 3D printer. Familiar brands have MakerBot, Ultimaker, respectively the main FDM machines and SLA models, early also suffered from a patent dispute. As a result of technology patents, the core patents in several vendors for little hands, so the use of open source technology will result in certain disputes, this phenomenon is normal. However, recently, the 3D printing industry there is a strange phenomenon, that is a lot of consumer-grade equipment manufacturer turned to take a fancy to the industrial areas. Do consumer marketing really work? Or a bright future, but now it is too early to promote?

At least be sure now with 3D printing has become a daily necessity, known as needed. Look at industrial market, the situation is not quite the same. Automobile manufacturing, aerospace, health care, education of 3D printing equipment industry market share is higher. Indeed, industrial 3D printing devices are often used for machinery parts, there are many manufacturers in order to save costs, and use 3D printing assembly line jobs, even parts with high precision, 3D printing and manufacturing than traditional molds and low manufacturing cost.

Defer not to discuss consumer market and whose status or industrial market prospects good, on the whole, 3D printing industry in a situation of multiple bottlenecks. So, we take a look at the current situation of the 3D printing industry. According to WohlersAssociates the famous firm survey data show, 3D printing is mainly used in the two major areas of consumer electronics, automobile industry, accounted for 36%. In other words, 3D printing is mainly used for industrial areas, consumption of significantly lower proportion.

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