3D Printing To Reproduce One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World

- Aug 23, 2016-

Located in Athens, Zeus, Temple of Zeus at Olympia was created by the sculptor Phidias in 422 BC, was known as "the seven wonders of the world". Now, a team is using Stratasys 3D printer to copy it out of the company, but the smaller size.

Under the plan, the 3D version of the statue of Zeus will be the Millennium gate Museum in Atlanta (MilleniumGateMuseum), a new exhibition organized by one of the main exhibits. The exhibition is mainly to echoing the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, show name of the TheGames:AncientOlympiatoAtlantatoRio, exhibition time for application is August 20, 2016 until January 2, 2017, exhibits also include California SanSimeon Hearst Castle and MichaelC.Carlos Museum of Atlanta Greece cultural relics.

It is understood that this statue of Zeus at Olympia was the ancient Greece people in order to provide the most powerful Greece expressed the fear of God and the create, was placed in the Temple of Zeus. According to historical records, ancient Greece people create this statue with the use of the so-called "kelisilifan station" (chryselephantine) technology, namely in wooden frame plus an ivory muscle and gold robes. Wooden-soled gold throne, inlaid ebony, precious stones and glass, which took eight years to complete, overall a good 40 feet high. But it is regrettable that this colossus after 900 years ago in the stands, would still be unavoidable, were destroyed in the unrest, disappearing in the long river of history, only from ancient Greece, coins can be a glimpse of his style.

This time, StratasysAdditiveManufacturing since the company since its destruction, recreating the legendary statue for the first time. According to the pieces on the statue, the designers from Georgia's Kennesaw State University, a team working together, using 3D modeling software to convert these images into a CAD file. Then, the production team used a powerful StratasysFortus900mc3D this statue 3D printer will print out.

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