China's Era Of 3D Printing Photosensitive Resin

- Aug 23, 2016-

Mystery of the vastness of the universe, evolution and survival of human beings on Earth live on more than 7 million years, which itself is beyond words amazing. But what is even more amazing is after more than 7 million people depend on the knowledge and the power of technology to create countless myths, brings the coveted, infinite wealth of living space.

The top several powers in the world, are relying on ever-changing knowledge and technological development make it a strong developed, and China is no exception.

In recent years, more and more well-known higher degree research team is dedicated to high-tech utility generation research and experiments. Qingdao high-tech pioneering Park, this is a highly educated, highly intelligent and young active team of high quality research, after several years in the field of polymer materials applied persistent pursuit and hard work, made a number of great scientific and technological achievements, and eight Professional application, some frontier filled the national UV-curing polymer materials and application gaps.

Among them, the world most amazing new is technology: 3D printing supplies-photosensitive resin! SLA type and has matured for DLP 3D equipment United States California SprntRay and Australia Canberra, start-up company Hardcotton provides professional quality supplies, small batches of test printing, mechanical performance superior to that of other similar products.

A so-called 3D printing rapid prototyping technology, which is based on the digital model file using powder adhesive materials such as metal or plastic, through print for constructing objects a novel technology. 3D printing material printers usually use digital technology to achieve, often used in mould manufacturing, industrial design, and other fields. Later with the skillful and updating of technology gradually for direct manufacturing of some products, and already has a print using this technology into parts. The technology in the jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, firearms, and has applications in other areas.

For nearly two years, photosensitive resin is being used for 3D printing new industry, favored by the industry because of its excellent features and attention.

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