France Student D Automatic Printer Into Tattoo Machine

- Aug 23, 2016-

Tattoo is a need to carefully think things, because once the marks may not be modified, and a good wash. However, the tattoo is still liked by a lot of people, they think this is a meaningful and rich fashion sense thing. In the last few days, reported the Antarctic bears 3 before France students a MarkerBot3D printer into a robot that can auto-tattoo, and a volunteer on the forearm tattoo designs.

And now, one called "Scratchr" machine was born, and design it is called NickPoole. Most DIY projects, NickPoole first used some cheap microcontrollers, motors, switches and wires, of course, also includes a very important 3D printing parts, made of a tattoo gun. And those 3D printed parts are available on the model site to download and then use an ordinary desktop 3D printer can be done.

In fact, such a tattoo gun for many people who want tattoos can be very convenient, but you need at least some basic drawing. Also, in some countries, minors are not allowed to tattoo, so before 3D print tattoo gun in research, in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

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