Medical 3D Printing In Our Province, The World's Leading

- Aug 23, 2016-

14th in 2016, first symposium of medical 3D printing in Northeast Asia held in Changchun. The international seminar by province physician Association Orthopedic Physician branch hosted, Jilin University second hospital orthopedic clinic Center hosted, Conference attract has from Peking University third hospital, and Beijing JST hospital, country 96 home hospital Orthopedic, and radiation section, and oral section, related field, and United States, and Japan, national of spine, and joint, and bone tumor, and trauma, field experts, and scholars amounted to 340 people participants, around 3D print latest concept and clinical experience for academic exchange.

"3D printing technology originated from industrial production, product design, d print applied to medicine, orthopedics, and played a role of individual, private, custom, can afford to buy into the material that couldn't be achieved in conventional treatment. "Peking University third hospital director Wang Zhongjun said the 3D printing technology is characteristic for orthopaedic technology development and research. The past, clinically by metal titanium alloy material as internal fixation devices, but many difficult cases rely on the traditional craft materials, cannot solve the problem. And the emergence of 3D printing, on the one hand fit within the plant and human anatomy is solved problems on the other, solves the Orthopedic Surgery of bone cannot be achieved directly by integration. Especially 3D printing enables plant micro-hole shape, so that adjacent bone tissue to micro-hole and implant integration, which provides a good way to tackle the problems of patients with orthopaedic.

According to Jilin University second Hospital Medical Center director Wang Jincheng introduced medical 3D printing in our province, began 10 years ago in the preoperative planning, surgical simulation, and so on. Now, this technique for surgical simulation and design has been widely used in the clinical surgery. From 2014 onwards, hundreds of patients implanted using 3D printing technology. Including single and double side elbow joint replacement and wrist, total wrist Arthroplasty, half shoulder, total shoulder joint replacement, United complete half a pelvis replacement such as the sacrum, are the world's first. At present, the medical 3D printing technology at the international leading level in Jilin province, especially in the joints of wrist and pelvic surgery, such as applications, some patients in clinical use is difficult to achieve the desired effect, and using 3D printing technology can make accurate medical. Also, using 3D printing implants will make some disabled patients to return to normal function.

In the treatment of bone tumors, 3D printing technology has also played a unique role. According to Peking University people's Hospital bone Oncology Director Guo Wei, Director of the Research Office introduces bone tumor, bone disease, tumor personalized strong, due to parts of the human body are not the same, need reconstruction implants in different ways, so surgery often require customization, plants require "tailored". Through 3D printing technology in medicine production in patients with bone tumor of plants within a world-leading, the CT scan is needed to obtain the relevant data can be directly into the production process, can be a faster and more effective to relieve pain.

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