Officially Open The World's First 3D Printing Office Building Has Been Completed

- Aug 23, 2016-

In May this year when the U.A.E. Prime Minister and Dubai's long Xiehe·muhanmode in the U.A.E. announced the world's first 3D print of the building completion of the building. This is sometimes called "Office of the future (OfficeoftheFuture)" from start to finish, just 17 days time.

Today, this 250-plane 3D printing office buildings has been put into operation, Dubai's future Foundation (DubaiFuturesFoundation) Office space. Dubai future Foundation was a government agency, mainly to encourage and promote cutting-edge and innovative projects and cooperation. It is reported that the building's design philosophy is to achieve from work environment to traditional forms of future changes in the Office environment, and provide more opportunities to encourage workplace team communication and innovation and cooperation in conjunction with experts from around the world, innovators. In addition to the architectural design also offers exhibitions, seminars and other activities in space.

As far as 3D printing network in China know, constitutes the building's concrete floor in Shanghai with a 37-meter-long 3D printer to print out, and then be shipped to Dubai to install. The architect responsible for the project said, use the 3D printer rather than in the construction savings of some 80% of the building cost, 60% labour costs, as well as a 60% reduction in construction waste. In addition, in order to give this 3D Printing Office in a collaborative and open feel, Dubai has invited Austria Bene office furniture company offers interior decoration.

According to the finished 3D print Office photo shows the interior design is very modern and smart. Allegedly, this style of 3D Printing Office core and most of the design is the ideal laboratory according to Bene (IdeaLab) concept to completion. The concept of the design of the furniture company is mainly to help the creativity of individuals develop and implement their innovative ideas. In addition, part of the Interior of the building using the Bene's AL Filo and office furniture products, both series are given space to a modern and exquisite beauty. In addition, the Office of the future core of the Bene also uses the company's Timba and Parcs products, household product design philosophy is that in order to promote the quality of brainstorming sessions, business lectures and personal work.

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