Russia Is Trying To Use Glass 3D Printing House

- Aug 23, 2016-

World has several companies or agencies on glass 3D printing technology has made some progress, such as Israel Micron3DP has successfully achieved 850 deg print glass, as well as higher 1640 c print borosilicate glass. But this is controlled by two Russia Dr AnuarKulmagambetov and VladimirBodyakin glasses 3D printing technology, which some compared, because the two doctor's goal is not to print the glass vessels, small objects such as optical lenses, but the building.

A scare right? Direct 3D printing using glass house! But two researchers were very calm. They said compared to the commonly used building materials concrete, glass is more practical and flexible, especially for 3D printing, as it fused with a high viscosity, unlike concrete, it is necessary to mix some extra fiber or chemicals to ensure adequate adhesion between layers when layer extrusion. Moreover, the glass melt forming cured very quickly, density and can be flexible in control (up to a maximum of 4,000 kilograms per cubic meter), and can have a very good surface structure and optical reflectivity and thermal conductivity. In addition, glass and many other advantages, such as environmental protection, easier to mass produce (low energy consumption), cheap, universal, strong, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance costs, and so on.

This sounds very nice, but can we achieve it? In this regard, the two researchers presented definite answer-their vision, such glass used for building 3D printers require a glass furnace, and it is necessary to be able to move with the nozzle. This sounds difficult, but is actually achievable. This way of the heating of the furnace can be electric, can also be a part of the power of some gas. Meanwhile, its volume can be designed according to the needs, from a few litres to several cubic metres can be.

In addition, for this kind of glass used for building 3D printers, the two also had more interesting ideas, such as:

• Configure multiple furnaces (has a different internal structure and nozzle) so you can quickly use the various needs of different types of glass

• Add a plasma torch, used to smooth glass surface

• Carbon fiber when you print or s-shape wire to improve the structural strength

As regards applications, in addition to the ordinary buildings, two also mentioned, this glass 3D printing technology is especially useful for building nuclear facilities and refrigeration facilities. Former because glass is not only durable, but also has good radiation protection, while the latter is because the glass can have good thermal insulation properties.

So, this amazing project to what extent it now? According to two researchers said they have built this prototype of the 3D printer-it comes with a 30-liter pot. More recently, they are planning to work with a company to print the actual testing of the wall.

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