The Difference Between LED Light Source And UV Light Source For DLP 3D Printer

- Jan 02, 2017-

      With the improvement of LED technology, more and more machines and equipment(including DLP 3D printer) now slowly begin to replace the mercury lamps to LED light source. The following describes the differences between LED lamp and mercury lamp.

LED light source

UV light source


Long lifetime(30000-50000 hours)

Short lifetime(1000-3000 hours)


Narrow wavelength, high concentration

Wide wavelength, low curing efficiency

Light Luminance

Uniform luminance, prints cured 100%

Luminance nonuniform, prints hard to form or easy to   transform

Working situation


Unstable, prints non forming

Working hour

7*24 hours non stop


Maintain fee




    LED light source will be widely use in DLP 3d printer,constantly meet the needs of users in the 3D printing, breakthrough technology updates, greatly reduce the cost of printing, energy saving, environmental protection is a major factor in user focus.


     Our model JH-200 have already tested 1 year on the market, the supper stable function and large printing size meets customer’s requirement in jewelry and dental market, less non-forming print and non stop 168 hours print bring the great business.


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