DLP SLA LCD ABS like resin

DLP SLA LCD ABS like resin

3D Standard resin for wanhao anycubic Manufacturers & Suppliers - Wholesale Factory - Yongchanghe Technology

Product Details

Jamghe develop ABS like 3D resin for different printer such as industrial SLA, DLP & LCD printer, and we offer ODM service according your printer and requirement. 

90% ABS 3D resin


Super strong and tenacity 

Great weathering

 Suitable for different post processing

Package option: 250ml,500ml,1000ml,5000ml,20,000ml

Be free to reach us if you have any query.

Contact:Yvonne Yang



Yongchanghe Technology, one of the largest photopolymer Resin manufacturers and suppliers for all types 3D printers, now brings you high quality Standard Resin that  manufactured by our professional factory and skillful staff. Welcome to wholesale our advanced products made in China.

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